Min 1 Palembang


Everywhere in the world, people know about mathematics and usually use mathematics to get a better life. Mathematics can be found around us and give many positif influences. Sometimes, it appears from small matter, such as estimate of time to go to school until big case as make large buildings which use scaffoding concept. It is really realistic in mathematics and mathematicians said that “It is realistic mathematics.”

Realistic mathematics has been developed for the first time in Netherland. After that, It was adopted into Indonesian context which is introduced as Indonesia Mathematics Realistic Education. In Bahasa, We say “ Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia”, and it is called as PMRI. It has been developed in Palembang (South Sumatera) since 2004. There are in SDN 98, MIN 1 in 2004 and MIN 2, SDN 117 in 2007.

I reported some of information about development of PMRI in MIN 1 Palembang.

The first, Shintia, Kurnia, and I did mathematics classroom observation in MIN 1 Palembang on Jalan Sudirman in front of National Warrior Grave. We went there at Thursday, May 7th, 2009 and arrived at 11.00 am. We met vice-principle and three mathematics teachers. They suuported us to observe the development of PMRI in the class from first grades until fifth grades. Unfortunately, the students in PMRI class did not study mathematics that day and the first grade students had gone home because they study from 7.00 am until 10.00 am.


The mathematics classroom observation can not be done until july 12th, 2009, because there are some agenda which are going to do along may and june. The sixth grade students will follow the national examination from may 11th to 15th, 2009. All of the teachers will control students in other schools, so the first grades until fifth grades students will get holiday. Two weeks later, it will be done examinations for them. After that, the teachers make students’ reports about their ability, especially mathematics. They asked us to came to school at may 28th, 2009 and discusse about mathematics material which will be taught for next semester.

In this case, We was able to disccuse about PMRI with mathematics teachers. The first, I disccused to Mrs. Tartillah, She is a teacher in first grade and she had followed PMRI training in Bandung at 2006. Some of the instructors were Professor Sembiring, Professor Sihombing, Professor Pontas and Professor Marta. She got recent information about PMRI and how to make balance context with culture which treats at that area.

Mrs. Tartilah reported her experients when she taught at her class. She told about her students in the first time at the class. Some of them were ashamed to give their opinion and argumen to solve a problem. After several days, Almost students were active, creative and cooperative. It could look while they solve mathematics problems, for example addition number, She used straw as context because all of the students knew about straw and it could be easy to find.

Solving addition number, the straw was cut into several measure. Each straw showed one number, if the students wanted to add number until twenty (20) so that they had to cut the straw as many as they need. This activity was able to be done into a group or a student. If they have understood about it, they could add until one hundred (100).

Mrs Tartillah also explained some examples about geometry. How to know about square, rectangle, circle and triangle, She chose white board as context to show reatangle. All of students looked it and they made conclusion that reactangle has different side. Tiles on the floor was used to explain about square and the students knew that it has same side. All Students at the class said “Hurrah” because their teacher made mathematics be easy to understand.

The second, We got some information from Mrs. Anissa. She teachs mathematics in second grade and had also followed PMRI training in Jogjakarta at the last year. Her experiences at the class were amazing and interesting but she could discusses to us at the time because she had some manner to do.

Third, We disccussed to Mrs. Risma is a teacher in Third grade. She has been teaching for 20 years and had followed PMRI training in Jogjakarta at the last year. She gave us explanation how to calculate rectangle area. A pice of paper was divided into some area which has side 1 cm and as same for all side. A paper has been made many area, after that the students asked to find the solution and formula of the rectangle. Normally, Almost the students can found that solution. The students who did not understand be given explanation from the others. So, they have problem and they must find the solution.


After discussion, I concluded that the teachers have done PMRI. Their students enjoyed and understood about mathematics after they studied it. They need more media to support learning process. They expect us to help making it.

Finally, I would like to thank to them because have given us occasion and discussion at that school. I will try to inform about mathematics classroom observation for the next time and share information to the teachers. I would like to thank for you who had read my report.


About Zetra

Zetra Hainul Putra (1985) grew up in the small city in Pariaman-West Sumatera, Indonesia. He studied in Public Elementary School 01 Kabun Cimpago (1991 – 1997), Public Junior High School 05 Pariaman (1997 – 2000), and Public Senior High School 02 Pariaman (2000 – 2003). Then, he enrolled in a program of Mathematics at mathematics Department, Mathematics and Science Faculty at Riau University. He graduated in 2007 and became a Mathematician. After that, he worked in Moslem Junior High School As-Shofa Pekanbaru and also an assistant lecturer in Rab University Riau, Indonesia. He taught Number theory, Statistics, Linear Algebra and Mathematic logic until 2009. Finally, He received a scholarship to continued his study, Master degree on Mathematics Education, at Sriwijaya University collaboration with Utrecht University unti 2011 about Realistic Mathematics. Since 2013, he worked at University of Riau.

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