By. Zetra Hainul Putra

Copy of PICT00162


This first classroom observation report will tell about studying-learning process from the beginning to the ending that I did in the third grade at 23th july 2009 in MIN 1 Palembang at 2.00 pm. It explain about process at the classroom, including student activity, teamwork, and problem solving. Finally, I observed the goals after studying like result and conclusion. To know more about studying-learning process I asked teacher before and after teaching process and students after studying-learning process.


The teacher started the lesson by reviewing the last lesson to know that students still remembered or not. After that, she introduced what lesson will be studied today about number symbol and name. Next, she asked me (Zetra) to continue studying-learning process.

I started the lesson by telling and asking students about something that they found and used in their life for examples house number, body height, ice cream cost, tree height, car length and cow weight. Also, I explained on how to work on a problem both individually and in groups. I gave positive respond when the students had comments or questions. In addition, they look enjoyable the lesson so some of them started to give examples like their house number. One of them said that her house number is 2396 but I explain that they still studied number 100 to 999. I asked students to raise their hands when they wanted to give comments, questions, or answers. Only a few students did it because they were still shy.

From these results, it could be inferred that most students enjoyed studying mathematics by using PRMI. Some of them had many ideas and comments about their lesson.

III DURING THE LESSON During the lesson, I managed the classroom by guiding the students to give their reasons about picture that I put in white board (picture). they started to communicated their arguments and solutions. One student came to in front of class to explain that picture. She explain to their friends that the number under picture was number symbol, and number name was written by alphabet. For example in the picture 573 was symbol, and name was Five hundred and seventy-three.

cow weight

I continued this process by putting some pictures about their live activities in the white board. Finally, I asked a volunteer to stand in front of class and showed their friends about a picture that put in the right of his T-shirt shoulder. All students said that it was district symbol, and district name was south sumatera. So, they understood difference from symbol to name of number.

After discussion process, I gave students worksheet (picture). There were four questions about number name and three questions about number symbol. Some students could finish this question quickly and perfectly.

Student worksheet


I guided the students to make conclusion after the whole class discussion and answering students worksheet. Finally, I concluded the lesson based on the students’ contributions or solutions and gave them assignments.


Before the end of the studying-learning process, the students did some task, and more than 70% students could answer the question quickly and correctly. There are two examples of students’ answers. VII CONCLUTION From the results, It can be concluded that students understood and able to answer the questions in students’ worksheet. Some of them could develop their own example and distinguish between number symbol and name. From data on the list, it can be concluded that students followed well in studying-learning process using PRMI. However, some of them could not solve well that problems because they did not focus when their friends explained.

PICT0041 PICT0038


From interviewing the teacher, it can be concluded that.

1. The students enjoyed studying mathematics by telling real contexts as usual with their activity in their life.

2. They understood quickly about the lesson if the teacher could explain interestedly and clearly.

3. They could solve task or homework quickly and easily. After studying-learning process,

I interviewed some students, and it can be concluded that.

1. The students like study mathematics because they always use it at home like playing monopoly game and buying food at store.

2. They enjoyed studying mathematics today because the teacher told about their life activities before studying.

3. They always got good score in mathematic projects because mathematics was easi to follow.


About Zetra

Zetra Hainul Putra (1985) grew up in the small city in Pariaman-West Sumatera, Indonesia. He studied in Public Elementary School 01 Kabun Cimpago (1991 – 1997), Public Junior High School 05 Pariaman (1997 – 2000), and Public Senior High School 02 Pariaman (2000 – 2003). Then, he enrolled in a program of Mathematics at mathematics Department, Mathematics and Science Faculty at Riau University. He graduated in 2007 and became a Mathematician. After that, he worked in Moslem Junior High School As-Shofa Pekanbaru and also an assistant lecturer in Rab University Riau, Indonesia. He taught Number theory, Statistics, Linear Algebra and Mathematic logic until 2009. Finally, He received a scholarship to continued his study, Master degree on Mathematics Education, at Sriwijaya University collaboration with Utrecht University unti 2011 about Realistic Mathematics. Since 2013, he worked at University of Riau.

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