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Zetra Hainul Putra (1985) grew up in the small city of Pariaman in West Sumatera, Indonesia. He studied in Public Elementary School 01 Kabun Cimpago (1991 – 1997), Public Junior High School 05 Pariaman (1997 – 2000), and Public Senior High School 02 Pariaman (2000 – 2003). He enrolled in a program of Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Science at Riau University. He graduated in 2007 became mathematician. After that, He worked in Moslem Junior High School As-Shofa Pekanbaru and also assistant lecturer in Rab University Riau, Indonesia. He taught Number theory, Statistics, Linear Algebra and Mathematic logic until 2009. Finally, He received scholarship, and He is studying in Master degree in Mathematics Education at Sriwijaya University collaboration with Utrecht University unti 2011 about Realistic Mathematics.


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